Senin, 18 April 2011

Genius G-Pen 4500

4”x 5.5” tablet with cordless mouse and pen

Great tool for your work and fun

G-Pen 4500 is a new design tablet for you to write or draw freely and handily. At work, you can use G-Pen 4500 to give a professional presentation or annotate important notes to your documents. For art, G-Pen 4500 works great with any software to edit your digital photos. For fun, you can send your handwriten messages to your friends while you're chatting on the Internet.

G-Pen 4500 has a programmable ;Hot-Key; area for the office and Internet. Use it with the pen device for super shortcuts. The cordless pen features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity. While drawing with the digital pen, you can control all kinds of shapes and thickness easily. The two buttons of the pen can be programmed as the mouse left and right buttons. In addition, the cordless mouse with scroll wheel gives you more convenience when working on the tablet.

The PenSuite software including Annotate All, Annotate for Word, Pen Commander, PenMail, PenSigner and PenPresenter provides useful and convenient functions for your presentation or handwritten notes.

No matter if you want to edit photos, make a drawing or chat on the Internet, the G-Pen 4500 will help you to accomplish your ideas.

  • 4”x 5.5” working area for drawing and handwriting
  • Cordless mouse with two buttons and one scroll button
  • Cordless pen has 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of thickness control
  • Great tool for marketing presentations, document annotation with unique bundle software
  • Supports Messenger handwriting function. Make Internet chatting unique and free.
  • Tablet Place-OS Support Windows7/Vista/XP ,Mac OS

Genius G-Pen 4500 ini dijual dengan harga Rp.425.000,- dan bila anda tertarik pembelian bisa hubungi YM saya yang ada disamping.Pengiriman barang lewat JNE,TIKI,KANTOR POS.

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