Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Jual Genius G-Pen F509

G-Pen F509 is that the different slim pill from Genius. It;s a 5.25; x 8.75; operating space with one cordless pen for computer Windows and MAC users to put in writing, draw, sketch or sign emails. Using the pen pill offers you ultra convenience and higher management than your mouse. The cursor moves exactly where you position the pen.

For the blooming net world, you're unengaged to produce your own vogue in Blog house or chat in MSN. particularly with G-Pen F509, it becomes easier to color and build additional superb design. The pill is in a very appropriate size to place on the desk or on your lap. there's a twenty-six programmable ;Hot-Key; space for workplace, net and Vista functions to be used for super shortcuts. The cordless pen options 2 buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity. whereas drawing with the digital pen, you'll management all types of shapes and thickness simply. the 2 pen buttons may be programmed as left and right mouse buttons. The battery lifetime of the pen is up to 1 year and therefore the pen holder keeps your pen nearby.

With G-Pen F509, those that like drawing will save longer, eliminate paper, pens and brushes; bloggers can get pleasure from a additional colourful and artistic world; children and elders will use the digital pen to put in writing rather than typing. Let this stylish device be a part of your life. Check your salesperson how you'll develop the G-Pen F509.

Genius G-Pen F509 ini dijual dengan harga Rp.710.000,- dan pembelian bisa hubungi YM saya yang ada disamping.Pengiriman barang lewat JNE,TIKI,KANTOR POS.

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