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Motorola Domino XT531 Specification

Prices and specifications of Motorola's new phone is named Motorola Domino XT531, XT531 Motorola Domino is the newest phone from Motorola that use the Android operating system 2.3 Gingerbread and use 800MHz processor. If it's new features motorola mobile phone includes a 3.5 inch touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, front camera, 512MB internal memory, microSD slot, HSDPA network support, Wi-Fi, and one that would attract the lovers of the Motorola mobile phone is the issue of GPS who do not miss part of the feature which is owned Motorola XT531.

Now let's discuss the look of Motorola mobile phones are Motorola's new XT531 XT531 Domino with a display design that is very much different than we've ever encountered from previous products for mobile phones motorola motorola Domino latest XT531 was performed with a design that is very dynamic and really showing luxury. Motorola Domino XT531 have two color choices are black, and white, according to information motorola XT531 Domino will be released this August. um ... hopefully sooner in the release.

Motorola Domino XT531 is 2198 yuan, or USD ($ 341), if this price in Indonesia is approximately 2,9 million Rupiah. Not much can we say about this motorola latest product specifications.

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